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Kowalli® SnuggleBoots are simply the softest, comfiest footwear you can find for baby. And they really do stay on your baby’s feet, thanks to a hidden lined elastic that hugs the ankle just so. Designed longer than other booties to keep baby’s calves warm, too. SnuggleBoots’ fun color combos mix and match with our KozyHats and Kowalli® covers, and each pair is hand crafted in New England of plush Polartec® fleece to make cleanup a breeze–machine wash and tumble dry with confidence.

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Details & Specs
  • 100% Polartec fleece
  • Premium craftsmanship: each pair hand-made with love in New England
  • Roll-up tops extend soft fleece coverage to keep baby’s calves warm too
  • Original ankle design keeps booties snug on baby’s feet
  • Easy to clean: machine wash and tumble dry
  • Comes in an array of playful colors to coordinate with Kowalli KozyHats and the Kowalli Baby Carrier Cover

1 review for SnuggleBoots

  1. 5 out of 5


    I loved how warm these were for my 7-month old. He always has cold feet and these were super thick. PLus the elastic (there’s a hidden one around the ankle if you feel for it) held them on really well. They’d be a great gift.

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Q. Will SnuggleBoots actually stay on my baby’s feet?
A. We know that the cutest bootie in the world isn’t worth a natch if it’s lying on the floor of your car. To keep them snug and secure on your baby’s feet, Kowalli® SnuggleBoots incorporate a hidden elastic band at the ankle.
Q. Why are Snuggleboots taller than most baby booties?
A. SnuggleBoots are designed extra long to protect that vulnerable area – often exposed when baby is in a baby carrier – between the ankle and mid-calf. For extra versatility, Snuggleboots also fold down to ankle length.
Q. Can my baby wear Snuggleboots if she’s already walking?
A. Snuggleboots are made of 100% fleece and do not have non-skid soles. Therefore, they are best adapted for babies who are not yet walking, or who walk on surfaces such as carpets where slipping is not an issue.
Q. Do Snuggleboots need to be hand washed?
A. Goodness no! The hi-performance Polartec® fleece is machine washable. We recommend you tumble dry on a low setting or hang it on a line. The fleece is as plush as they come, and is engineered to resist pilling.
Q. Where are Kowalli® products made?
A. All Kowalli® products are locally sourced and made in New England. At this time, all of our production and 99% of our materials come from a 70-mile radius of our home base in Providence, RI. As a savvy consumer, you know just how remarkable that is.
Q. I worry about the products my baby is exposed to. Do Snuggleboots meet all the current safety standards?
A. Definitely. The Polartec® fleece we use is Oeko-Tex 100® certified, which means it poses no danger to human health. Kowalli® maintains strict compliance with CPSIA guidelines.
Q. What if it doesn’t fit my baby right?

A. Simply exchange the hat or return it for a full refund. Returns and exchanges are free and easy at Kowalli.