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The Kowalli Baby Carrier Cover

5.00 out of 5

The Kowalli® is a babywearing carrier cover that fits over any brand of baby carrier, sling, or wrap to keep you and baby cozy, warm and dry. It’s versatile, too–baby can be on front or back facing in or out–and fully adjustable to fit moms, dads, nannies, and more (it’s the elastic cinch at top and bottom that creates a snug fit for all). Toga-style construction makes putting on and taking off so easy, your baby can sleep right through. And that’s nice … no more wrestling with arms, legs, zippers or buttons … just throw it on, secure, and go. Best of all? The plush Kowalli® is crafted with top-quality Polartec® fabric that makes cleanup a breeze.



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    5 out of 5

    Comfortable and cute, but most of all PRACTICAL! I walk a bunch and went through a winter without it. My son and I were a bulky mess. My Kowalli fixed that :)

  2. (verified owner):

    5 out of 5

    I’ve used this everyday since getting it and am tempted to use it even when I’m not carrying the baby. It’s so comfy, cozy and warm and not at all bulky.

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    5 out of 5

    To be completely honest I was a little skeptical about purchasing the Kowalli carrier cover. You always find baby products really neat, but a lot of the time they aren’t very useful and I was worried about the sizing. Things that say one size worry me because I am quite small so even though it says one size I figured it would be too big. Well I was happily surprised with the Kowalli! It really does fit everyone! I specifically bought this because I have a 3 year old in skating lessons so I wanted something to keep myself and my baby warm while we were watching the lessons, the Kowalli does the job! I just wear a sweatshirt underneath the carrier and then the Kowalli over top and we are kept nice and warm the whole time. My baby is able to sleep the whole time without a fuss! I definitely recommend the Kowalli!

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    5 out of 5

    I love the Onyx/rose petal pink & turtle/eggplant. I love how you could warmly and discreetly nurse in these!

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    5 out of 5

    We have the chocolate brown one and it is the best. It was in the 20’s here in NY and it was just perfect. Kept us both warm and cozy.
    Truly love it and when I had a question about the product their response was above and beyond what we are used to with businesses these days.
    100% worth every penny!

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Durable For An Active Lifestyle
Repels rain, snow, and wind.
Protects against temperatures as low as 15º F (-10 º C).
Weather-treated Polartec fleece resists rips and tears.
Comfortable Fit For You And Your Child
Soft fabric won’t irritate skin.
Dual elastic bands lock in heat.
Toga-style design lets baby see out.
Convenience For A Family On The Go
One size fits most.
Can be worn over any carrier.
One-handed pull tab for easy adjustment.
Q.Will The Kowalli® work with…my Ergo? my Beco? my Mei Tai? my Moby Wrap? my ring sling?
A.Yes! The Kowalli® works with every kind of soft carrier, sling, and wrap on the market today.
Q.Can I wear The Kowalli® … With a newborn on my front? With my baby facing out? With my ring sling? With my toddler on my back? With my 3-year old on my hip?
A.Yes! You can wear The Kowalli® with your baby or toddler in any position on front, back, or on your hip. The Kowalli® is adjustable as your baby grows and changes. We even know of a mom who uses it with her 6-year-old son as a blanket-for-two when they read together on the beach. Pretty sweet, if you ask us.
Q.I want to keep warm with my baby, but what’s the deal with the toga-style design?
A.We designed The Kowalli® Baby Carrier Cover to be toga-style – it has one arm-hole and falls diagonally across the chest – so that your baby’s head remains free from fabric and baby can see from side to side. This unique open design makes using The Kowalli® so convenient, you can put it on or remove it even while your baby sleeps. It’s so easy you might even be able to do while YOU sleep!
Q.Does my left arm stay under The Kowalli®?
A.Goodness, we’d never even think of depriving you of one of your hands! Both arms stay out. If you like, you can keep your hands warm in the dedicated front pocket, placed precisely where baby’s tush will fall. Which is nice. Very nice.
Q.It’s freezing where I live! Will The Kowalli® really keep us warm?
A.You don’t have to take our word on this… Moms across the country have spoken, and The Kowalli is even “Alaskan Mom Approved!” You can check out what one Alaska mom has to say here: http://alaskanmomapproved.blogspot.com/2010/12/Kowalli-carrier-cover.html. When it’s really cold, wear your winter jacket under (yes, under) your Kowalli®. You’ll keep toasty warm, the elastic band will give you that snug feeling, and your baby will share your body heat. If you get too warm, you can increase ventilation by loosening the elastic bands.
Q.It doesn’t get that cold where I live. Will The Kowalli® work for me, too?
A.We’ve found The Kowalli® to be comfortable and useful into the upper 50s F. The Kowalli® will help keep your baby cozy and warm when there are cool breezes or in climates where there’s a big difference between day and night temperatures.
Q.What size should I get?
A.The Kowalli® is one-size-fits-most. This means it will most likely fit you and your
husband/wife/partner/nanny/mother-in-law, too. Through informal testing, we’ve found that it accommodates up to a woman’s size 22 with an average-sized 6-month old baby.
Q.It rains a lot where I live. Will The Kowalli® keep my baby dry?
A.The Polartec® fleece we use is DWR treated (Durable Water Repellant), which means that water beads up on it when wet. The Kowalli® will keep your baby dry for a good while in light rain or wet snow.
Q.Can I nurse my baby while wearing a The Kowalli®?
A.Most definitely. The Kowalli® makes a great cool-weather nursing cover. Simply slide your baby into position under the fabric and off you go. You can adjust the opening as needed for ventilation and visibility.
Q.Do I need to hand wash it?
A.Goodness no! The hi-performance Polartec® fleece is machine washable. We recommend you tumble dry on a low setting or hang it on a line. The fleece is as plush as they come, and is engineered to resist pilling.
Q.Where are Kowalli® products made?
A.All Kowalli® products are locally sourced and made in New England. At this time, all of our production and 99% of our materials come from a 70-mile radius of our home base in Providence, RI. As a savvy consumer, you know just how remarkable that is.
Q.I worry about the products my baby is exposed to. Does the Kowalli® meet all the current safety standards?
A.Definitely. The Polartec® fleece we use is Oeko-Tex 100® certified, which means it poses no danger to human health. We are in strict compliance with CPSIA guidelines, and we have also had our product undergo rigorous testing in normal use conditions by labs associated with the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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