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When I grow up…

When I was growing up, there were so many things I wanted to “be.”  I wanted to be an astronaut, a veterinarian, a teacher, and an interior designer.  When I finally did “grow up,” (as much as a college graduate can be) – I was officially a teacher, which did require caring for animals (class […]

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“Genius” says babble.com

There are certain websites that stand above the rest.  For parents, babble.com is one of them.  Here is what the bloggers over at babble have to say about The Kowalli: “I’ll say it again – genius. The packaging on The Kowalii states, “You won’t know how you lived without it. ” Yep. Now that I’ve […]

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The writer and her son

Tales of a Mountain Mama

Kowalli was excited to be featured on “Tales of a Mountain Mama,” a blog that is proud to bring their readers honest reviews about outdoor gear for families… “Confession: I took P out in it with no snowsuit or coat on in 30 degree temperatures (and yes, I was checking the warmth of his extremities […]

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As Seen In Mothering Magazine Graphic

Mothering magazine declares The Kowalli stylish and streamlined

Is there a more trusted source for natural parenting info than Mothering?  The editors featured The Kowalli in it’s “Strokes of Genius” column: “Want to wear your baby in a sling or wrap over your coat? Kowalli’s Baby Carrier Cover drapes securely over your sling as an extra insulating layer that’s also stylish and streamlined.” – Mothering […]

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Self-professed crunchy mom rocks The Kowalli

  Brea is a self-proclaimed crunchy mother of two, and she loves The Kowalli! “Everywhere we go in The Kowalli, I get comments.  It is just so cozy-looking!  (And it feels as cozy as it looks.)” “Obviously, I love the Kowalli and think it is a high-quality and very functional product!  The fact that it […]

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