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Surviving Winter With Baby

5 Tips for Surviving -and Enjoying- A Snowy Winter With Baby

 If you’re reading this as snow silently piles up (AGAIN!) on your windowsills, you’re not alone. Winter can tough on parents, what with the dry skin and back-to-back colds, the cabin fever, not to mention the sheer challenge of how.to.get.out.of.the.house! We at Kowalli, based in snow-blanketed Rhode Island, have a few suggestions for surviving these potentially challenging experiences, […]

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Paper vs. Digital: The Results Are In

It all started when we read the post on mamabirddiaries.com, “For the Love of Paper.” We loved Kelcey’s take on hanging on to her paper date book despite the risk of being labeled “behind the times.” While we at Kowalli will be forever grateful to the pioneers of the digital age we live in, when […]

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Kowalli Seeks to Help New Moms Avoid PPD

Being a new mom can be scary. Even more so if you’re at risk for Postpartum Depression,(PPD), reported to be the number one complication of childbirth. To help support women experiencing a difficult transition to motherhood, Providence RI-based baby gear company Kowalli LLC has donated $500 worth of fleece baby gear to local non-profit organization […]

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RadDad talks to Kowalli about staying rad while wearing a pink Ergo…

Kowalli is pleased to introduce Ben from myraddad.com.  He’s a Kowalli fan and also happens to pen an extremely entertaining and thoughtful blog.  He’s the proud dad to 11 ……………….. fish and 3 daughters.  Despite the crazy demands on his time he was able to sit down with Kowalli to answer a few very serious questions: (more…)

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