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Jillian of PAXbaby Tells Kowalli the Secret to Having a Happy Baby

Meet Jillian Davidson, owner of PAXbaby.com, *the* online source for all things babywearing. We don’t like to toss around the word “guru,” but Jillian’s passion for natural parenting and supporting mothers has earned her the title. Not only is PAXbaby.com a top resource for purchasing baby carriers and accessories, it’s also a place for moms […]

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It’s All About Babies at Kowalli’s Swiss Retail Partner

Kowalli is proud to be partnered with Switzerland’s Geburt und Kind, a one-stop resource for expectant parents and their babies. The owner, Sandra Ackermann, has impressive credentials: she is a certified birth companion as well as a pre-natal and post-natal yoga teacher. Through Geburt und Kind (in English, Birth and Child) Sandra is able to combine […]

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5 Tips for Snuggly Winter Babywearing

It’s early November here at Kowalli Headquarters and we’ve already had our first snow!  Not the typical dusting that puts a smile on everyone’s face and has you reaching for your fuzziest sweater.  This was a traffic-jamming, early dismissal kind of snow that could potentially send moms with new babies into hibernation.  Fear not!  We’ve […]

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RadDad talks to Kowalli about staying rad while wearing a pink Ergo…

Kowalli is pleased to introduce Ben from myraddad.com.  He’s a Kowalli fan and also happens to pen an extremely entertaining and thoughtful blog.  He’s the proud dad to 11 ……………….. fish and 3 daughters.  Despite the crazy demands on his time he was able to sit down with Kowalli to answer a few very serious questions: (more…)

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CT Penguin copy

How a Free Felt Penguin Kit Just Might Make Your Day, Too…

Some days, being a mom to a baby can make you feel like you’re walking on air. Other days, however, you might feel like you’ve been thrown down seven flights of stairs and served a whoopie pie to the face at the bottom. Because we know the ups and downs of motherhood, Stefanie and I […]

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