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Kowalli Fall Babywearing Giveaway

Celebrate Kowalli’s new look! Enter our Fall Babywearing Launch Giveaway today!

We’re so excited to share Kowalli’s new styles with you, just in time for Fall Babywearing season. Here at Kowalli, we’ve been working feverishly since spring – choosing just the right colors, making the adjustments you’ve been asking for, and even developing a new product for you (still TOP SECRET, but the cat’ll be out of […]

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RadDad talks to Kowalli about staying rad while wearing a pink Ergo…

Kowalli is pleased to introduce Ben from myraddad.com.  He’s a Kowalli fan and also happens to pen an extremely entertaining and thoughtful blog.  He’s the proud dad to 11 ……………….. fish and 3 daughters.  Despite the crazy demands on his time he was able to sit down with Kowalli to answer a few very serious questions: (more…)

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CT Penguin copy

How a Free Felt Penguin Kit Just Might Make Your Day, Too…

Some days, being a mom to a baby can make you feel like you’re walking on air. Other days, however, you might feel like you’ve been thrown down seven flights of stairs and served a whoopie pie to the face at the bottom. Because we know the ups and downs of motherhood, Stefanie and I […]

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Penguin Giveaway Graphic

The Limited Edition Penguin Kowalli Giveaway!

Meet the newest member of the Kowalli® Family! The 2012 Limited Edition Kowalli® Penguin Series has arrived, and to celebrate we’re giving away one complete 3-piece bundle (retail value $113)! The Penguin Kowalli baby carrier cover, KozyHat, and SnuggleBoots feature a black, white and yellow theme inspired by nature’s ultimate animal dad. (more…)

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