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Surviving Winter With Baby

5 Tips for Surviving -and Enjoying- A Snowy Winter With Baby

 If you’re reading this as snow silently piles up (AGAIN!) on your windowsills, you’re not alone. Winter can tough on parents, what with the dry skin and back-to-back colds, the cabin fever, not to mention the sheer challenge of how.to.get.out.of.the.house! We at Kowalli, based in snow-blanketed Rhode Island, have a few suggestions for surviving these potentially challenging experiences, […]

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5 Tips to Keep You Toasty and On the Go this Fall

It’s that time of year again: pumpkin lattes, Monday night football and hayrides all spell autumn. Here in New England we like to take advantage of glorious fall weather before Old Man Winter arrives, and that means having the right baby gear for the season. Here’s a quick list of tips for planning a successful […]

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Heavy hearts…

Like many of you we watched in horror as the events in Boston unfolded last week. When tragedy strikes, especially in a neighboring city, it’s easy to put up an emotional defense system and block the feelings of terror and anguish that so many felt that day. (more…)

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5 Tips for Snuggly Winter Babywearing

It’s early November here at Kowalli Headquarters and we’ve already had our first snow!  Not the typical dusting that puts a smile on everyone’s face and has you reaching for your fuzziest sweater.  This was a traffic-jamming, early dismissal kind of snow that could potentially send moms with new babies into hibernation.  Fear not!  We’ve […]

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How a Free Felt Penguin Kit Just Might Make Your Day, Too…

Some days, being a mom to a baby can make you feel like you’re walking on air. Other days, however, you might feel like you’ve been thrown down seven flights of stairs and served a whoopie pie to the face at the bottom. Because we know the ups and downs of motherhood, Stefanie and I […]

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