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5 Tips for Surviving -and Enjoying- A Snowy Winter With Baby

 If you’re reading this as snow silently piles up (AGAIN!) on your windowsills, you’re not alone. Winter can tough on parents, what with the dry skin and back-to-back colds, the cabin fever, not to mention the sheer challenge of how.to.get.out.of.the.house! We at Kowalli, based in snow-blanketed Rhode Island, have a few suggestions for surviving these potentially challenging experiences, and maybe even….(dare we say it??) enjoying a snowy winter with baby in tow!

Despite the damage they can wreak, snowstorms can also create opportunities to forge strong bonds between neighbors and friends, coax people out of their houses, and provide some enforced down-time that both adults and children alike can enjoy.

Tip #1: Take Care of the Basics (and add a little for friends)
Do what they tell you. Stock up on canned food, baby food, water, gas, diapers, and other essentials. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that if you are unable to get to a store for a few days, you have what you need to be safe and comfortable. We at Kowalli also suggest stockpiling a little extra in case neighbors or friends stop by after the storm. Hefeweizen, anyone?

Tip #2: Take a (Magical) Walk
If you absolutely need to drive, make sure your car has at least half a tank of gas and is packed with emergency supplies including a first aid kit, jumper cables, a windshield scraper, spare tire, cell phone and charger and blankets and extra warm clothing. One benefit to not driving? A snowstorm is a wonderful opportunity to take a magical walk with little ones.

Babywearing Carrier Cover

Twins Natscha and Olga sport their Kowalli Babywearing Covers in a Seattle snowstorm.

Tip #3: Keep Calm & Carry (Snugly) On
When venturing out, a quality soft-structured baby carrier, sling, or wrap will make your life easier than a stroller (which can be hard, if not impossible to push around in the snow). If possible, wear your baby close to your skin (under your jacket) to more effectively share body heat.

Make sure baby’s extremities – head, hands, and feet –  are shielded from the elements with a hat, mittens, and warm socks or booties. (Good choices are KozyHats and SnuggleBoots).
Warm babywearing outerwear, like the Kowalli Baby Carrier Cover, should work with any carrier and ensure you and baby stay warm and in close contact with one another. According to the Mayo Clinic, signs of hypothermia in infants include bright red, cold skin, low energy, and a weak cry. Go inside if you notice any of these symptoms in your baby.

Tip #4: Put The Brakes on Slipping
One potential danger of babywearing in cold weather is the danger of slipping. If it’s icy, consider sporting a product like YakTrax on the soles of your shoes to give better traction on slippery surfaces. They’ll keep you confident, and baby safe.

Tip #5: Make the Most of It
Snowstorms can be opportunities for neighborhoods to come together. Shoveling together, playing together, and the enforced down-time that comes along with major storms are opportunities in disguise for quality time with family and friends. Seize the occasion and invite friends and neighbors over for a cold beer or an easy dinner. Even very small children can enjoy the change of routine, and you’ll get some adult conversation – a win-win!

In short, be prepared, keep calm, and your winter weather experience may just give you the unexpected gift of good times with family, friends, and neighbors. Happy shoveling, and cheers to that Hefeweizen!

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