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Camp Fun Times

It’s almost summer vacation, and that means another installment of…Camp Fun Times! Camp Fun Times, made by kids, for kids. My oldest is a born organizer, so each year around this time she starts making plans for all of the fun things we’ll do over the summer. Since we’re a large family, we’re restricted to things that are a) free and b) fun for all ages. Few activities fit this bill, so Jill gets creative (with a little help from me :o) Easy crafts and fun snacks are a must. Amazingly when you combine easy crafts and fun snacks with a common theme, it becomes a party. So don’t despair if you’re on a budget or tend to shy away from large public venues, fun summer memories are still possible!

Start with a catchy name:


Choose an activities director:

Print some coloring pages:

Enjoy watching the kids bond!
It’ll last for about 40 minutes, but for the rest of the summer you can always say, “Remember Camp Fun Times? That was so great, let’s do that instead of the water park.” And one out of ten times it will work! Save time and money. Keep It Super Simple :o)

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