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RadDad talks to Kowalli about staying rad while wearing a pink Ergo…

Kowalli is pleased to introduce Ben from myraddad.com.  He’s a Kowalli fan and also happens to pen an extremely entertaining and thoughtful blog.  He’s the proud dad to 11 ……………….. fish and 3 daughters.  Despite the crazy demands on his time he was able to sit down with Kowalli to answer a few very serious questions:

Q: What can you teach us about parenting a bunch of girls?
A: Teach you? I don’t even know what I’m doing. That’s why the tag line of my blog is “Who gave me permission to bring these kids home?”

On the first kid your whole world is in shock. By child 2 you think, okay I have some of this figured out, then the next kid is about 400% different from the first and its back to square 1. Child 3 has been no different… or completely different… depending on how you read that. Now throw in the fact they are all girls… my head is about to explode.

And that is not even mentioning all the tears… pink tears.

I do know that being a strong father, a father that loves them, hugs them, talks with them, encourages them, spends time with them, goes on dates with them, will create strong daughters. I try to give them a hug and tell them I love them every single day of their life. I want my daughters to have a daughter daddy crush on me.

And finally, with 3 daughters I know I am going to be a well taken care of old man!

Q: What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to impress your kids?
A: This may not be “crazy,” but I am always trying to make my kids laugh. Their laughter is one of my favorite things in the world. So anything I can do to make them laugh I will do it.

So far they return the laughter attempts. My oldest who is 5 has a hilarious sense of humor and I love it.

Q: Who buys the baby gear in your family?
A: My wife… and because we have all girls that gear is primarily pink. I am surrounded by so much pink. This leads perfectly into your next question…

Q: Are there any baby products geared towards dads that you really like?
A: The Kowalli! I’m not just saying that because you are interviewing me. The question before I mentioned pink things, remember? I lose a man card every time I put on my bright pink Ergo, the one my wife bought. I went to the fair with a friend and his kids. I put on the pink Ergo and he walked away from me.

But I have the black Kowalli, and now I can cover up the pink Ergo and keep my man card! … oh, and keep my kid warm too.

Q:  How do people react when you tell them that you blog about being a dad?
A: Most say, “Oh cool.” The non-parents say, “Is there enough to write about?”

Q: Who creates the hilarious graphics on your website?
A: I make those. I love the creative side of blogging. You can make so much come alive through graphics and pictures, plus readers really like that stuff. I really enjoy the “Awesome Pics” too. Those are fun and creative pictures of my daughters that we will have forever.

I create them using photoshop. If you want to create stuff like that you need to start messing around with a photo editing and design program. There is quite a learning curve, but there are also tons of tutorials online to teach you how to do certain things.


***Read Ben’s review of The Kowalli here. To read more from RadDad, visit his blog at www.myraddad.com or head over to www.modareport.com/ where you can catch up with other mom and dad bloggers.  You can also like him on Facebook and Twitter, don’t forget to mention how good he looks in The Kowalli!

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