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“Genius” says babble.com

There are certain websites that stand above the rest.  For parents, babble.com is one of them.  Here is what the bloggers over at babble have to say about The Kowalli:

“I’ll say it again – genius. The packaging on The Kowalii states, “You won’t know how you lived without it. ” Yep. Now that I’ve wrapped The Kowalii around myself and my baby in an Ergo (you can use on any carrier, Bjorn, Moby, Ultimate, whatever floats your baby boat) I really don’t know how I lived without it with my first child.

The soft fleece creates a cozy environment against the chill – a far superior winterizer than the baby stuffed in snow suit while your coat is wide open option.”

We agree!  You really can’t be without The Kowalli if you intend to wear your baby this fall (and winter, and spring!)

Source: Babble site


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