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Mothering magazine declares The Kowalli stylish and streamlined

Is there a more trusted source for natural parenting info than Mothering?  The editors featured The Kowalli in it’s “Strokes of Genius” column:

“Want to wear your baby in a sling or wrap over your coat? Kowalli’s Baby Carrier Cover drapes securely over your sling as an extra insulating layer that’s also stylish and streamlined.”

Mothering Magazine, March/April 2010

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One Response to Mothering magazine declares The Kowalli stylish and streamlined

  1. Neha October 21, 2012 at 9:22 am #

    The Sling Library is fabulous – I’ve tried out two caierrrs and had loads of advice from Emily about all the different choices. My daughter is one – I started out using a jersey sling for the first few months and then started using a Baby Bjorn but now using the BB for any length of time gives me a sore lower back. Not so with the slings in the Library – the two that I tried were super comfy, even for a whole day out. Having the opportunity to actually try the caierrrs before buying is so helpful – it would be awful to buy one and then find that it wasn’t comfy. Also – going to the Library was fun – lots of mums with different aged babies trying out different slings and swapping experiences and Emily on hand to tell us the pros and cons of each one. Seriously brilliant – so glad that a friend recommended it to me.

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