Can I wear The Kowalli with my winter jacket while babywearing?

A: Absolutely!

The best way to keep you and your baby warm and snug in the coldest temps is to wear The Kowalli *over* your winter jacket. It seems unintuitive, but it can help hold everything in and give you a nice, collected feel. (more…)

5 Tips to Keep You Toasty and On the Go this Fall

kowalli_009 small

It’s that time of year again: pumpkin lattes, Monday night football and hayrides all spell autumn. Here in New England we like to take advantage of glorious fall weather before Old Man Winter arrives, and that means having the right baby gear for the season. Here’s a quick list of tips for planning a successful outing: (more…)

Camp Fun Times


It’s almost summer vacation, and that means another installment of…Camp Fun Times! Camp Fun Times, made by kids, for kids. My oldest is a born organizer, so each year around this time she starts making plans for all of the fun things we’ll do over the summer. Since we’re a large family, we’re restricted to things that are a) free and b) fun for all ages. (more…)

How I got my newborn to take an actual nap.

sleeping baby

Being the mother of five means Kowalli Mom Stefanie gets asked a lot of baby-related questions. Most of the questions are the easy kind, like “Which stroller should I buy?” (A: something you can fit into your car while it’s still open in case you forget how it folds. True story.) Then there are the tough ones, such as “How do I get my baby to take an actual nap?” This one’s a little tricky, as baby’s nap habits depend on 1) their age, 2) their personality and 3) your family’s lifestyle. (more…)

Mother’s Day Giveaway!

mother's day giveaway

In honor of Mother’s Day we’re giving away a Kowalli to one lucky expectant mom-to-be! To enter simply 1) like us on Facebook and 2) post a picture of your baby bump on our Facebook page. Winner will be chosen at random. Giveaway ends Thurs. 5/10/13 at midnight. Ready, set, show us your bump!

And the winner of the Kowalli Mother’s Day Giveway is…..Clarissa Neiding! Thank you all for your submissions, those baby bumps are gorgeous! As a special thank you we’re offering 10% off your entire purchase thru midnight Sunday. Enter Mother’sDay2013 at checkout!

Heavy hearts…


Like many of you we watched in horror as the events in Boston unfolded last week. When tragedy strikes, especially in a neighboring city, it’s easy to put up an emotional defense system and block the feelings of terror and anguish that so many felt that day. (more…)

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